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They say it takes a village to raise a child – well, it takes also take a village to raise an Assistance Dog! A lot of time, effort, skill and investment goes into raising, training and placing an Assistance Dog, so that it can go on to have a life-changing impact on a child in need and their family.

It takes the dedicated work of Specialist Trainers, along with a raft of Puppy Raisers and Vets to support each Assistance Dog before it’s ready to be placed in its forever home. They also need to be fed (of course!) and transported around the community throughout their training to ensure they acclimatise to the everyday settings they will find themselves in as working dogs. All of this, done over an approximately two-year period, costs about $30,000.

At Compass, we made the radical decision to not pass this cost on to the families in need. This is not the norm in this sector as it’s a difficult aim to achieve, but we understood from the outset how much of an insurmountable barrier that cost can be, particularly for families that already often have high medical costs to deal with.

In order to fulfil this vision, we have developed a range of sponsorship and fundraising options to help support the program and each of the families in need. Our Program is solely funded by these sponsorships and community donations, so every dollar counts!


Sponsoring an Assistance Dog is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give to a local family. You can be sure that from Day One, the life of that family and of their child with autism, will be changed forever.

As an individual, you can know that you have dramatically altered the trajectory of that child’s life and restored hope to their family. As a business, you can extend on this incredible gift and involve your entire organisation and the community to share in that experience through our signature Corporate Sponsorship Program.

Our Corporate Sponsorship Program has been designed to create a unique giving experience that benefits both the family and your business. It includes:

  • The opportunity to name the puppy! A name is usually chosen to reflect something about your business.
  • Regular visits to your workplace. Many of our sponsors use this as an opportunity for culture-building, employee engagement and major staff morale boosts!
  • Appearances at major workplace events. Often our sponsors like to showcase what they’re doing and to inspire others, either at internal events, or major external events. We can arrange for a puppy to be there, along with one of our team to talk about the program and its impact.
  • Regular media coverage. We work closely with each of our sponsors throughout the partnership to collaborate on media opportunities that promote the amazing gift that your business is giving.
  • Business logo on puppy coats, website and social media. We give each business the opportunity to have their logo sewn on to the puppys’ coat, which they will wear for their entire working life. We also work with you to ensure regular representation across our digital platforms and yours.
  • Regular updates. As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates as to the progress of your puppy, which you can follow and share with your workforce and the community.
  • Framed graduation photo. This is to commemorate the fact that without your generous support, that puppy wouldn’t be able to go on to support a child and family in our local community.

To find out more about sponsoring an Assistance Dog, Contact Us via the link below.

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Support the ongoing needs and costs of the Assistance Dog Program and its clients with our Dollar-a-Day program.

For just $1 a day you can help us reach more people, train more puppies and support more families through this crucial service.

Along with our Specialist Training Partners at Empower, we will keep you updated with the progress of the puppies and make sure you have happy snaps all year long to enjoy and the chance to meet the puppies at one of our open days at our farm!

Joining our Dollar-A-Day program is a quick and easy process. Simply click the link below to register with your details and credit card information and our donation platform will do the rest!

Please note that you can choose to group your Dollar-A-Day donations weekly ($7), fortnightly ($14), monthly ($30) or quarterly ($90) – whatever works best for you!

Note: All payments made are a tax-deductible donation.

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We know that most people in life want to make a difference and the truth is that no matter how much you give – IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

At Compass, whether you donate once or donate daily, weekly or monthly – and whether it $5, $5,000 or $50,000 – we are grateful for all support we receive and want to say thank you for thinking of us!

Our Assistance Dogs Program is solely funded by sponsorships and community donations, so contributions through donations go a long way to ensuring we can continue to reach as many people as we can and provide the best possible chance of improving the lives of those in need in our community.

THANK YOU for your support!

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There is nothing we love more than when the community gets behind our Program and wants to raise funds either on our behalf or in collaboration with us!

Whether you’re already hosting an event and would like donate the proceeds to us as your Charity of Choice, or you’d like to partner with us in creating a unique experience together, we want to hear from you!

To discuss opportunities further, contact us via the link below.
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