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Compass Partners come from all walks of business and life. Big, small, local and global – we love to work with organisations that have aligned values and shared goals. And we also love to DREAM together. For us, there is nothing more exciting than sharing ideas on how we can create something meaningful together that will create a positive impact for everyone involved.

No two partnerships are the same, so we like to work together on discussing the unique needs of your partnership goals and the impact you’d like to achieve, and then co-design opportunities to suit. We have partnered on everything from Events, to Traineeships, to a multitude of Projects, Products and Services.

Below are some of the partners we love working with including a spotlight showcase of how Compass and Cricks Sunshine Coast are changing lives together.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us via the link below to discuss partnership opportunities.

Partner With Us



The partnership with Cricks Sunshine Coast began with a simple introduction from a mutual contact over 10 years ago. Since that first interaction, the relationship between Compass and Cricks has grown to be what we consider the Gold Standard of purposeful corporate and community connection.

We are often asked why this arrangement has worked so well and for so long, and the simple answer is that from the outset, there has been a genuine desire to put the needs of the other party first, and that gave rise to TRUST. The positive partnership quickly became a genuine and lasting friendship between the Cricks and Compass teams.

Part of the chemistry has also been our shared vision of being the best provider that we can be to those who depend on our services. We both really care about our customers and clients, our staff and our community – and we both invest time, energy and money in service improvement through our people and through innovation.

Our regular communication has, over the years, constantly generated new opportunities for us to work together and that has kept it fresh, relevant and exciting.

In addition to being the Major Sponsor of the Compass Annual Charity Golf Day (one of the very best on the Coast!), the team at Cricks have partnered with us on the following:

  • In 2016, they were the driving force behind the establishment of our first social enterprise café – Compass Connections Café – in Nambour. This enterprise is now about to undergo a new phase of growth and has supported over 50 young people with disabilities with meaningful vocational opportunities.
  • Cricks buy 300 gift hampers from Compass every month with homemade jams, chutneys and honey that are all prepared, cooked, packed and shipped by our Trainees at Compass Farm. These hampers are gifted to purchasers of new cars across Cricks Sunshine Coast dealerships, and the funds from their purchase go towards supporting various Compass projects.
  • Cricks are the proud sponsors of Happy – a Compass Assistance Dog, who will be gifted to a local child with autism. They have generously committed to sponsoring one Assistance Dog PER YEAR, which is an incredible way to make a meaningful contribution to our local community and change the trajectory of a child’s life.
  • Cricks also sponsor and support two Compass Trainee Work Placements at Cricks’ Nambour and Maroochydore dealerships. Two of our amazing young people with disabilities are undergoing Work Placements at these dealerships in the workshop and in the office.
  • Cricks have also provided specially fitted Commuter buses for use by Compass trainees and staff across multiple campuses.

While these have been the major achievements, it’s rare for a month to go by where we aren’t exploring new ways to connect and work together. Many Compass staff and families have purchased vehicles through Cricks, again because they know that our association is based on deep trust and this trust has always been honoured.

The term ‘mutual benefit’ has been used a lot over recent years but the relationship between Cricks and Compass has always reflected this principle at its best and we are extremely proud of the way we continue to grow and work together.

“Compass aren’t like any other not for profit organisation. They are genuinely engaged in our business too and they want to help us just as much as we want to help them.”
Dan Hunt, Dealer Principal






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