Our Compass Gympie Campus was established in 2013 and has become a signature part of the Gympie community.

The campus features a large, multi-purpose activity area upstairs and a self-contained unit downstairs, where Trainees can participate in a range of independent living training opportunities. The outdoor area boasts a growing workshop where Trainees can engage in a wide variety of skill-building projects including woodworking, arts and crafts, as well as a range of enterprise activities. There is also a developing garden area with raised beds supporting horticulture studies.
The campus also acts as a base for a considerable number of community related activities and produces a variety of products all made by the Compass Gympie Trainees as part of their vocational training activities.

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What we offer

At Compass Gympie, Trainees are supported through a structured Learning and Development program, which covers key elements including Life and Socials Skills, Independent Living Skills, Literacy and Numeracy, Work Readiness and Travel Training.

Read more about our Learning and Development Program here.

Gympie also offers a range of diverse creative and skill-building activities, including:

  • Woodworking – get hands on in making everything from planter boxes, to furniture, to jewellery cases and home décor. Many of these items are sold in our social enterprise retail store and to local community outlets.
  • Media – including short film editing, photography, acting and learning about social media
  • Yoga – programs designed to focus on mindfulness, meditation and listening skills
  • Drama – learn how to act, perform, and work alongside the multi-media team to create short films. Gympie also started “Gympie’s Got Talent” showcasing performances by Trainees at the Gympie Campus, which has now evolved into the annual “Compass Has Talent”, involving every Campus!
  • Sports – including weekly fitness programs focused on improving strength, co-ordination and health, Zumba classes, swimming in summer, the opportunity to learn a new sport on rotation, as well as participating in an annual Sports Carnival hosted by Gympie for all the Compass Campuses.

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We believe in the power of structured learning and creating meaningful opportunities for continuous development and growth. We also believe that each person has unique passions, talents and abilities, and pride ourselves on offering as many diverse opportunities as possible to help nurture these.

Compass Gympie supports a number of Trainees on a daily basis, with room for growth. Our learning and development and skills-based training programs are tailored to the goals, capabilities, and passions of each Trainee.

There’s a world of opportunity at Compass Gympie! Contact us to find out more about whether this is the Campus for you.

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    trainee stories

    • Meet Trainee Nienna

      Meet Trainee Nienna

      When we were first looking at options for Nienna after finishing at Special School, the most important thing for us was finding somewhere that would help her work towards more independence.


    • Meet Trainee Caitlin

      Meet Trainee Caitlin

      It’s a smile we all love – not just Compass staff, but also, pretty much every visitor that comes to Compass Farm knows Caitlin, as she’s often the first to greet them and make them feel welcome with her big and vibrant personality.


    • Meet Trainee Dylan

      Meet Trainee Dylan

      He has gained more confidence and become more adaptable to ever-changing situations. He has connected with his peers and trainers and become quite a happy young man.


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