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The continued success of our programs, social enterprises and ongoing services are in many ways made possible thanks to the generous and ongoing support of our community and partners. We work to ensure that our relationships with those that support us – individual donors, corporate partners, sponsors and in-kind supporters – are built on a foundation of mutual success for the long-term. This means that we are equally as invested and interested in how we can support you through your involvement as we are in supporting our own continued success.

With ongoing projects being developed, a constantly growing footprint and new social enterprises being conceived, we have a variety of opportunities for you, your family, community group, sporting team, or business to provide support.


Committed to making a positive social impact?

Want to use your brand to support the growth of others in your community?

Our Partners work with us to support our work in unlocking the true potential of people with a disability and supporting them to learn, grow, develop and make meaningful contributions to society.

It is our goal that when you partner with Compass, you receive the same meaningful contribution as that which you give. We don’t do the one-size-fits-all corporate sponsorship package – just as we get to know each of our Trainees and support them to reach their individual goals, we will do the same with your business. Depending on your size, reach and location, your industry, audience, and personal business goals, we will develop a partnership opportunity that aligns with you and provides the maximum opportunity for success for everyone involved.

Contact us via the link below to discuss partnership opportunities or find out more about Our Partners here.

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Events are a great way to raise awareness, raise money for specific projects and raise the roof – while we all have a great time!

With a commitment to creating “The Compass Experience” at every event we host, we focus on fun first and fundraising second. We believe that if people have a great time and get to feel what Compass is about, the funds will follow the fun!

Sponsoring a Compass Event is an opportunity for your business to connect with an engaged and targeted audience, be involved in creating a memorable brand moment for your audience and raise awareness of your products and services.

We have several opportunities for sponsors through annual Compass events – and are also very open to any ideas for your own event, either through co-hosting or if you want to run your own and support Compass in the process. Either way, we would love to be involved and create something memorable together!

Get in touch to find out more about event sponsorship opportunities.

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Your dollars matter.

We know that most people in life want to make a difference and the truth is that no matter how much you give – IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

At Compass, whether you donate once or donate daily, weekly or monthly – and whether it $5, $5,000 or $50,000 – we are grateful for all support we receive and want to say thank you for thinking of us!

Compass does not receive any direct government funding, so contributions through donations go a long way to ensuring we can continue to reach as many people as we can and provide the best possible opportunities to those in our community.

THANK YOU for your support!

Note: All payments made are a tax-deductible donation.

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Ready to make lasting impact?

Want your legacy to support others for a long time to come?

Choosing to be one of our Bequest Program members is an opportunity to leave a legacy of learning. A gift in your Will is a generous gesture that will work to support the ongoing provision of services and opportunities that the Compass Institute provides for individuals living with a disability.

A final gift in your Will – no matter the amount – will go a long way to making a positive difference and will be received with the utmost gratitude and respect. It is our goal to provide a world of opportunity for our Trainees to move beyond perceived limitations, to grow through learning and to make meaningful contributions to society and there is nothing more meaningful for us, than support from individuals like you.

Contact us today to discuss our Bequests Program with one of our friendly team.

Thank you for thinking of Compass.

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