WaterWheels Beach Wheelchair


Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council, we now have access to a Water Wheels beach friendly Wheelchair that can be hired from Compass Caloundra.

The specially designed floating wheelchair allows users to safely access the beach and the water for recreational activities.

Feedback from some people that have used the chair are:

  • “An exhilarating experience”
  • “So excited to be able to get into the ocean”
  • “The lifeguards were so supportive and helpful we had an amazing time”


  • Hiring the Water Wheels Wheelchair is free! All we require is a small security deposit, which will be held until the Wheelchair is returned.
  • The Wheelchair is located at our Compass Caloundra Campus and will need to be picked up from this location. Between the hours of 9.00 am – 2.30 pm Monday to Friday.
  • The Wheelchair is not excessively heavy but may require two people to lift into a vehicle. The Wheelchair requires two able bodied people to operate in the water to ensure it does not tip over with client strapped in.
  • The wheelchair will not fit in a standard car. You will need a Van, 4WD or trailer to transport.
  • An Adult and a child Life Jacket is supplied with the Wheelchair.
  • When you collect the Wheelchair, you will be given a demonstration of how to assemble and safety instructions for use.


To find out more or to place a booking, scan the QR code below.


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