Compass Farm


The Compass Farm is a 20-acre property nestled in the hills of Hunchy. Established in 2011, the Farm is a place where people with disabilities can learn, gain diverse work experience and enjoy genuine vocational opportunities.

The Farm aims first and foremost to provide a safe, rich and meaningful experience for the young people with disabilities who attend there – our Trainees. At the same time, it is also a real working farm – a social enterprise where everyone plays their role in being both environmentally and economically sustainable.

At the Farm, Trainees can participate in a range of therapeutic, creative and skill-building activities including:

  • Farming and harvesting of organic produce – including organic fruit and vegetables, farm fresh eggs, honey and much more
  • Animal therapy – with a range of animals including sheep, ponies, goats, chickens, pigs and farm dogs
  • Farm Art – our creative hub offering a multitude of artistic and inspiring activities including drawing, painting, sculpture and mosaics
  • Woodworking – get hands on in our dedicated workshop space, learning to hand craft a range of beautiful pieces including chopping boards, furniture pieces and even our famous chicken coups!
  • Cooking – become part of our Harvest Kitchen team, cooking homemade meals for the Farm crew each day along with a wide range of condiments to be sold

Harvest Kitchen

Harvest Kitchen is a beautiful and welcoming space located on Compass Farm. It is a fully equipped commercial kitchen, designed to provide a wide range of entry-level hospitality and cooking skills for numerous Trainees on a daily basis.

Our Harvest Kitchen Trainees have the opportunity to learn food preparation, cooking, packaging, labelling and food preparation and service skills, along with how to make barista-style coffee!

The kitchen cooks meals for the Farm staff and Trainees each day and also produces a range of delicious jams, chutneys and flavoured salts, which are packaged and sold to various local retailers and partners.

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Interested in Joining the Farm?

We believe in the power of structured learning and creating meaningful opportunities for continuous development and growth. We also believe that each person has unique passions, talents and abilities, and pride ourselves on offering as many diverse opportunities as possible to help nurture these.

The Farm supports a large number of Trainees on a daily basis, with activities and training programs tailored to the goals, capabilities and passions of each Trainee.

Maybe you want to learn how to cook? Plant seedlings? Work the land? Tend to the animals? Harvest honey? Hand-make a timber chopping board? Paint? There’s a world of opportunity at Compass Farm!

Contact us to find out more about whether this is the Campus for you!

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We LOVE hosting people out at Compass Farm. It is a special and unique place, and one where very few people walk out the same as when they came in!

When you visit the Farm, you will be greeted and assisted by people with a disability – this is their place and they will be very glad to see you and share in their experience with you.

Tours or visits of Compass Farm, for individuals or groups, can be made on request and by appointment. We have hosted many large groups including Local Council and various community groups, alongside numerous corporate and community events. You are always welcome at the Farm!

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