Disability Services

A World of Opportunity is waiting for YOU

At Compass we believe in people and their potential. Unlocking that potential happens when we invest in getting to know you and your needs, but even more importantly, getting to know what you would like to get from your life.

Everyone is different, and everyone has different dreams, but realising those dreams always takes the same handful of things:

  • Planning and goals
  • Purposeful and developmental activity
  • Determination
  • A circle of friends and supports
  • Celebration of the milestones along the way

Compass is built on these principles and has, for nearly two decades, provided a successful path for people with very different disabilities to realise their potential. We are well known for the very diverse programmes we provide ranging from a learning and development extension of school, through to various therapies, recreation support, major creative outlets, skills-based training and real world vocational opportunities inside a range of successful social enterprises.

Compass is also highly regarded for the quality of our staff and for our flexibility. You can tap into the extensive experience inside our team and with their help tailor your programme to suit your needs and goals.

Contact Compass today and let the journey begin!