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Harvest Kitchen is located at Compass Farm and provides a wide range of food preparation and production learning opportunities for up to 8 trainees on any given day. Learning and developing skills as trainees is the essential ingredient in this kitchen, however the real-world element is the provision of home-cooked meals to Compass Farm Trainees and Staff daily. A team of Trainees work with our dedicated Harvest Kitchen support trainer helping to keep our farm crew fuelled and energised, whilst also supporting catering for any events held at Compass Farm.

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Our second team of Trainees works with our Enterprise Lead to produce a wide range of delicious condiments including chutneys, jams, pickles, sauces, flavoured salts, made from produce at the Farm and from other local suppliers.

These condiments are sold through various retail outlets, including our own Garden Café and Wabi Sabi Creations. Our homegrown Compass Honey is also sold across White’s IGA stores on the Sunshine Coast.

For many of our Trainees, working in Harvest Kitchen in the supported environment of the Farm is an important training ground and stepping stone into one of our customer-facing social enterprise Cafes – Garden Café or one of the Connections Cafés.


Cricks Sunshine Coast has been one of Compass’ major corporate sponsors for several years. We have worked together to come up with many novel ways to collaborate, where we can provide shared value – and our partnership with Harvest Kitchen is just one of these great ideas!

Through an innovative arrangement, Harvest Kitchen produces an average of 1,200 jams and chutneys every month, which are packaged up into beautiful hampers and distributed across Cricks Sunshine Coast dealerships – where every new car that is purchased receives this Compass gift pack of homemade goodies produced by our Trainees!

Click the link below to find out more about how we’ve partnered with Cricks – and how you can partner with us!

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    trainee stories

    • Meet Trainee Nienna

      Meet Trainee Nienna

      When we were first looking at options for Nienna after finishing at Special School, the most important thing for us was finding somewhere that would help her work towards more independence.


    • Meet Trainee Caitlin

      Meet Trainee Caitlin

      It’s a smile we all love – not just Compass staff, but also, pretty much every visitor that comes to Compass Farm knows Caitlin, as she’s often the first to greet them and make them feel welcome with her big and vibrant personality.


    • Meet Trainee Dylan

      Meet Trainee Dylan

      He has gained more confidence and become more adaptable to ever-changing situations. He has connected with his peers and trainers and become quite a happy young man.


    Harvest Kitchen

    Harvest Kitchen is located at Compass Farm in Hunchy. We are not open to the public for walk-ins, but would absolutely love to chat to you via phone or email any time!

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    Compass Connections Café in Nambour offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, along with tasty treats all made in-house with LOVE and served with a smile and lots of laughs by our amazing team of Trainees and café staff!


    Compass Connections Café Maroochydore is centrally located in Baden Powell Street and offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, along with tasty treats all made in-house with LOVE and served with a smile and lots of laughs by our amazing team of Trainees and café staff!


    Located in the picturesque Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens, Compass Garden Café offers an oasis of relaxation accompanied by coffee, tea, milkshakes and the warmth of our Trainees and team. Be sure to try Deharn’s famous home-made scones!


    Located at Compass Farm, Harvest Kitchen is a commercial-style kitchen that offers catering services to the Farm and also produces a wide range of beautiful home-made condiments including jams, chutneys, pickles, sauces and flavoured salts, which are sold to the public as speciality hampers. Produce can also be found in our Garden Café and Wabi Sabi Creations.


    Located in the heart of Nambour at C-Square, Wabi Sabi Creations is a unique store selling hand-crafted creations made by Compass Trainees from across our many campuses – from pottery, to woodwork, paintings, hampers and more – you won’t be disappointed!


    Rakes and Panes is a property maintenance service that covers lawn and garden maintenance along with window cleaning. Our Trainees, along with Compass Farm Trainer Jack, are only too happy to service your residential or commercial property for you at competitive rates and of course – always with a smile!



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