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We are founded on the principle that all individuals deserve to live rich, meaningful and fulfilled lives, which extends not only to the people with disabilities that we support, but also to our staff, our sponsors and supporters, and the wider community. It is through working together that our vision can become a reality.

Built on a core value of continuous improvement and the understanding that education and training are the key to moving beyond limitation, we strive to do better every day, to create, innovate and learn – for our trainees and for our community. This is what we want for you too. When you get involved with Compass, you are not only doing something wonderful for another human being, you are investing in the greater wellbeing of the entire community. And you are investing in yourself – because at Compass, we are as invested in your success and wellbeing as we are ours.

There are many ways to get involved and be part of the Compass family – we look forward to meeting you in whichever way you choose to come on board!


Your ability to support Compass is limited only by your imagination!

The continued success of our programs, social enterprises and ongoing services are in many ways thanks to the generous and ongoing support of our community and partners.

We work to ensure that our relationships with those that support us – individual donors, corporate partners, sponsors and in-kind supporters – are built on a foundation of mutual success for the long-term. This means that we are equally as invested and interested in how we can support you through your involvement as we are in supporting our own continued success.

With ongoing projects being developed, a constantly growing footprint and new social enterprises being conceived, we have a variety of opportunities for you, your family, community group, sporting team, or business to provide support.

And if our current opportunities are not quite what you’re looking for, we love changing the rules and breaking new ground – so get in touch with us today!

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Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community and is always a fun and enriching experience at Compass for everyone involved!

Studies have shown that volunteering can provide benefits like confidence and skill-building, as well as providing a sense of purpose and connection. Research even suggests that volunteers live longer and remain active longer due to the consistent interaction with others and a generally more positive outlook by focusing on others’ needs.

At Compass, we have a range of hands-on volunteering opportunities available throughout the year, including working at Compass Farm, helping in one of our social enterprises, or contributing your creative or handy skills to our centre-based programs.

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Join our team and be part of a values-based culture, with a focus that goes beyond caring. We offer great hours, competitive salary packaging, enriched learning and development programs that provide real change in people’s lives, and a positive, peer-supported culture.

Compass has Campuses and Social Enterprises from Caboolture right up through the Coast to Gympie, with many diverse and rich programs on offer. We also work based on a high Team member to Trainee ratio, allowing for individual programs to be created that can really focus on reaching Trainee goals.

We have employed many people with a trade or vocational background, a training and assessment background or from within the disability sector – and we are always open to bringing new skillsets into the team!

What new skills could you bring to Compass?

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Compass offers work placement opportunities for students studying Certification in Individual Support or similar courses.

Students are offered the opportunity to work across multiple campuses to gain a broad understanding of working in the sector. It is an excellent way to see if the industry is right for you, and to gain hands-on experience and an understanding of best practice.

It’s also a great way to finish your studies and could lead to further paid employment opportunities at Compass.

Interested in experiencing Compass? We want to hear from you!

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