Skills-Based Training and Vocational Opportunities


This is where a person begins to genuinely realise their full potential, becomes more independent and finds out where their abilities lie through a real hands-on process. At Compass, our Trainees are encouraged and supported to try out a diverse range of skill areas and eventually select those where they can flourish.

Skills-based training is offered at Compass in areas as diverse as:

  • Life and social skills – including appropriate conversations, budgeting, time management and travel training
  • Independent living skills – including cleaning, washing, ironing, food preparation and money management 
  • Lawn and garden skills – including mowing, whipper snipping, raking and landscaping
  • Mechanical skills – including working safely with a range of small machinery and equipment
  • Animal husbandry – including caring for and raising chooks, sheep, goats and ponies, as well as beekeeping
  • Horticulture – including gardening, planting and raising seedlings, along with harvesting of produce
  • Hospitality – covering a full range of catering and kitchen skills, including food shopping, food preparation, food handling, cooking, utilising kitchen equipment and the opportunity to gain real-world, front and back-of-house café experience
  • Retail – covering a wide range of skills across customer service, cash register use, stocktake, display and decorating
  • Woodworking skills – including furniture restoration, handcrafted chopping boards, one-off pieces and even contributing to the creation of a famous Compass chicken coop!
  • Pottery and ceramic skills – including working with clay and decorating each unique item for sale in one of Compass’ boutique retail outlets
  • Multimedia skills – including digital design, animation, video making, photography and podcasting, supported by a skilled team of multimedia experts

Developing ‘Real World’ skills is one of the most
satisfying occupations a person can have.

In addition to the opportunity to learn a raft of diverse skills across a multitude of areas, Compass Trainees are also exposed to Workplace Health and Occupational Safety standards, workplace expectations and behavioural standards that can ensure they are accepted and welcomed into any environment.


The opportunity to develop real-world skills and to experience the sense of achievement and purpose that is found in work is vital to personal growth and self-esteem.

Compass has sought to provide these vital vocational opportunities through a unique social enterprise model, providing meaningful pathways for people with disability, while meeting genuine local community needs.

Our Compass Social Enterprises include:

  • Compass Farm – Our signature 20 acre organic farm, boasting fresh produce, a range of farm animals, bees producing organic honey, and creative art and woodworking spaces
  • Harvest Kitchen – Our gourmet food venture, creating a range of home-made condiments and tasty foods for sale
  • Connections Café – Our fully operational café located in Nambour, serving breakfast, lunch, coffee and treats
  • Garden Café – Our fully operations café located in the Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens, serving coffee, tea and cakes
  • Wabi Sabi Creations – Our boutique retail store, in both Nambour and a select range in Garden Café, selling a wide range of beautiful items make by Compass Trainees
  • Rakes and Panes – Our mobile business offering lawn and garden maintenance, along with window detailing

A large number of Trainees who attends Compass play some role in the social enterprises – either directly or indirectly. This is so evident when you meet each person and see the pride they take in their work. The confidence they gain then flows over into every aspect of their lives – a common story we hear from many Trainees, their parents and stakeholders!

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