Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

The Compass Institute (Compass) is a registered NDIS Provider and as a provider of community and centre-based activities we are eligible to apply Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) rates.

In line with the rules in the NDIS price guide, the rates Compass charges for supports depends on the nature of the support, where the support is delivered, the time of day that the support is delivered, how complex the participant’s needs are, and the ratio of supports delivered (i.e. if the participant is supported one-to-one by a support worker, or in a group supported by the same worker). Compass charges participants at the TTP rates under the NDIS price guide.

Compass provides support under the following Registration Group Names:

  • Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
  • Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities
  • Group and Centre Based Activities

Support rates applied by Compass are based on the rates in the NDIS price guide; please refer to attached schedule of charges.

If you have questions or queries, please contact us via phone on 07 5445 9116 or email [email protected]