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Meet Trainee Dennis

Name: Dennis Oliver

Compass Trainee Since: 2007

Campus: The Farm

Dennis’ mum kindly answered these questions about Dennis to share with you here.

How would you describe Dennis?

I would describe Dennis as a caring man. Who is always looking out for his family and friends. He is a very social person always visiting different people around Nambour.

Why did you choose to come to Compass in 2007? And why have you chosen to stay at Compass since then?

We have chosen to keep Dennis going to Compass because Dennis loves going and we feel it is a family environment. He loves going and helping on the farm. He is well looked after and Compass show a genuine interest in Dennis as a person

What has Compass meant to you and your family?

Compass has meant that we know Dennis is safe and looked after. It is an awesome community. It has helped Dennis with healthy food choices from the kitchen.

How has Dennis surprised you most? What are you most proud of?

What has surprised me about Dennis is his commitment to things. He loves to turn up early to the Café to do extra jobs (which were given to him to deter him from turning up early) but he has embraced as something positive.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve seen Dennis overcome in his time at Compass?

His independence and confidence in himself. Before he began to go to Compass farm, he was shy and reserved and he has definitely gained confidence in all areas of his life.

A big focus of Compass is about helping others see people with disabilities in a different light and encouraging them to look beyond the disability. With that in mind, what would you most like people to know about Dennis?

Dennis loves anything to do with cars. He loves go karting and does that regularly. He loves going 4WDing and you will often see him in the pits of many Speedway tracks in south east QLD.

What is your dream for Dennis’ future?

Our dream for Dennis in the future is to be as independent as he can be and to feel he is included in the community and not on the outer.