Meet the Crew: Bri Halliday

Name: Brianna Halliday

Compass Crew Since: May 2022

Role: Team Leader Harvest Kitchen / Support Trainer

What attracted you to this role?

I had recently hit my 10 years of working in all sectors of hospitality and decided I needed a change. During high school I wanted to be a special needs teacher but as I started working more after school in an events company, I found my passion for hospitality and events. I went on to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Event Management. In 2021 I decided to complete my support work qualification and was lucky enough for 4 weeks placement here. While on placement I fell in love with all of Compass and fostered a great connection with the trainees. I am very grateful for my position which allows me to engage with trainees as well as incorporate a business aspect into my role.

What is the favourite part of your day at Compass?

The interactions with the trainees. They brighten up your day from the moment you walk in. I love the little messages I get written on my lunch wrapping, the laughs we have, the meaningful moments and learning opportunities as well as the daily banter. Oh, and testing the jam and chutney batches before we jar up… yum!

What is something you have learned as a result of working in the disability support sector?

It’s the relationships you form with trainees that allow them to grow and achieve through your support and interactions. I was surprised how much you learn about yourself through this role as well. Although you are there to help them thrive, they are actually the ones that enrich your life.

What is something you wish people knew about your role or about the disability community?

How important accessibility is. I find myself evaluating situations or environments that I am in assessing how accessible it would be for someone with a disability. I’m looking at not only providing physical accommodations but also fostering a culture of respect and understanding. Next time someone with a disability interacts with you, try and communicate with them before the jumping to the support worker. A simple hello back could make their day.

If there was anything you could change, what would it be?

I would have loved to have started in this industry a lot sooner!

Any final words / comments / funny anecdotes etc?

Support trainers are the guiding stars that illuminate the path to thriving and enriching lives for their clients. We are there to shine a light on their ability, not disability.



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