My Healing Space

My Healing Space

Therapeutic opportunities to increase health, wellbeing and participation

Healing is a great term to describe one of the key strategies in helping all of us to live a full and meaningful life. It’s vital that we receive guidance around nutrition, ensure access to exercise that is fun and engaging AND invest in actual healing and therapies that address our needs

  • Physical therapy including Aikido, Yoga, stretching, dance, manipulation etc
  • Strength, balance, coordination and dexterity training
  • Nutrition and Dietary support
  • Speech training to improve communication
  • Meditation and mindfulness to calm anxiety and lower stress

A true story

“When I first met ‘B’ he was largely non-verbal (autistic), very overweight (compulsive eater), experienced high anxiety and was prone to outbursts of anger that often included physical violence against others including his family.

He joined what we then called the ‘Fit or Fat’ programme. This wasn’t just about food. ‘Fit’ represented all the positive choices and ‘Fat’ all the negative ones. ‘B’ also entered a communication stream and it was soon obvious that he could speak if he wanted to – that in fact not talking was bottling his emotions and triggering the anxiety and anger issues. ‘B’ began to speak regularly, learned to identify various triggers, came to be more in touch with his emotional state and to self-manage his behaviour. People who had known him a couple of years previously simply couldn’t believe he was the same person. Wind the clock forward and ‘B’ babysits young members of his family, has his eating and weight under control to quite a degree and is generally a very talkative and happy young man. There are very few outbursts and it has been many years since he showed any violent tendencies.”

This is only one of many stories that demonstrate the extraordinary value of a ‘healing’ approach and the ways in which people who have challenges can overcome them and lead happy and rich lives. It’s incredible how a change in just one aspect of our wellbeing can cascade through to other areas.

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