My Life Space

My Life Space

Diverse enrichment and community participation programmes

Sometimes people don’t want to ‘do’ anything special… they just need a little help to have some fun or get around in their community.

  • Exploring hobbies and interests… or just going out
  • Attending events / getting to appointments
  • Volunteering
  • Just being out and enjoying my life

This can mean doing some shopping, catching a movie and maybe going out for dinner with some friends… going to a sports event or down the beach for a swim… getting to the library or learning to cook some new meals. ‘My Life Space’ is an area that can support people individually or in small groups to do all the above… and more. It might also mean exploring relationships, learning about civic responsibilities (voting for example) and so on.

The difference between this and the traditional ‘respite’ service is individuality and choice. The participants decide what the activities are and the support is geared to assisting them to achieve their goals.

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