School Transitions

First term induction and assessment programme to help you determine the most suitable placement

Leaving secondary school and choosing a post-school service is one of the biggest and potentially most stressful transitions for a family and young person with a disability to undertake. We understand this because many families have shared their experience with us. From the outset we strive to ensure that this very important time is made less stressful and you are able to make an informed decision. 

This means we offer

    • A simple application process
    • Free assessment meetings to discuss the potential service suitability
    • Advice, support and advocacy with funding applications and government processes

The benefits are

    • You have an insight into the service quality
    • You meet the staff
    • The young person can become acquainted with the new environment and make new friends
    • The needs of the young person are made clear
    • The staff can become familiar with the young person and family

If you choose Compass then the first quarter of the new year will be invested in getting to know each other better in the Orientation Programme.

Orientation Programme

This programme has been designed to broaden the young person’s abilities while exploring their interests and goals. Their activities will include…

    • Education (numeracy, literacy, time, money use, etc.)
    • Personal development (life skills, communication, fitness, social skills, etc.)
    • Independent living (food preparation, grooming, transport, community participation, etc.)
    • Wellbeing and recreation training (swimming, tennis, bocce, lawn bowls, croquet, etc.)
  •   Workplace familiarisation (WHOS, community work and participation)

The Head of Operations and Team Leader will then assist you and your son or daughter to choose the pathway most suited to your goals and dreams.