My Learning Space

Compass Learning Space

At Compass we believe in the right of people with disabilities to access lifelong learning opportunities. Learning is something that can be done by ANYONE. It can range from learning to hold a spoon through to learning to drive a vehicle or using a piece of machinery… and everything in between.

Learning does not happen by accident – by just being in a situation.

I can keep learning and growing as a person

  • Life & Social skills
  • Independent Living
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information technology and Social media
  • Work habits
  • Positive behaviour
  • Recreation training
  • Community interests

* Includes Semester Report

To be effective, learning requires

  1. goals
  2. lesson plans
  3. delivery and engagement by well trained and motivated staff
  4. assessments
  5. and reports that allow the person, the family and Compass to measure the progress.


This award winning service uses an innovative developmental model that allows young people with disabilities to make a smooth transition from school to an increasingly independent future. We do not babysit. If you want a babysitter, Compass is not the service for you…

This is NOT a process that is undertaken by other service providers. Why not? It requires specialist skills, a lot of effort, dedication to learning AND is generally more costly because of the highly personalised nature of the activities. The simple fact is that the costs are really an INVESTMENT in unlocking the capacity of the young person. The simple truth is that making this investment in learning in the initial post-school years will allow the funding to be distributed more widely in the following years as the person becomes more capable of independent or semi-independent participation. And THAT means less stress on the family.

Learning is fun and creates a sense of achievement…

Learning is also the path to employability…